Our Story

We were fed up with traditional dog food, so we decided to do something about it. And here’s why. The process of manufacturing dog food hasn’t changed much since the invention of commercial dog food in the 1950s. For the better part of a century, the big dog food brands have been flash cooking enormous amounts of ingredients under high heat and pressure to cook tons of food as quickly as possible. While this process creates a food that will last years without spoiling, it comes at a cost.  The high heat pressure cooking and extrusion process not only destroys vital vitamins and nutrients, but it also reduces the natural flavors and aromas of the food. Because dogs will not eat food without flavor, these brands spray their kibble with a slurry of fats and flavors, better known as animal digest. Yuck.

Moreover, the food you buy your dog can be very old. Most premium dog foods are manufactured with expiration dates extending a year or more into the future. They simply must make it last this long, as it spends time in the factory, various warehouses, trucks, and eventually a store shelf. In fact, most premium brands do not tell you when the food was made at all.  Look for the date of manufacture on your dog’s current bag of food.  Can you find one?

We knew there had to be a better way. So, we created Truly Fresh.  We use only the finest ingredients and bake our food slowly in small batches to bring out the natural flavors and aromas.  We never use sprayed on animal digest. We bake your food fresh, package it, and deliver it directly to your local pet store to guarantee its freshness.