Freshness Guarantee

What is the Freshness Guarantee?

The freshness guarantee is our promise to serve your dog the freshest food possible. Within a few days of being baked, Truly Fresh arrives at your home. If baked on Monday, it will arrive at your home no later than Friday in most circumstances! However, we guarantee food to be delivered within 7 days of being baked at the very latest.


While we strive to deliver Truly Fresh to your home within a few days of being baked, sometimes issues outside of our control occur, causing delays in transit time, lost package(s), damaged package(s), or theft of package(s). The purpose of this document is to claim no liability in the case of certain specified delays in transit times, known as “exemptions” listed below.

Exemptions of freshness guarantee:

States outside of the Contiguous United States.

 We don’t service these areas. If you managed to place an order anyway, we do not guarantee a timely arrival.

When an attempted delivery was made.

“Delivery” is satisfied when an “attempted delivery” occurs, meaning the carrier attempts to leave the package(s) at the doorstep but cannot because of one of the conditions listed below. Attempted deliveries can occur for the following reasons including but not limited to:

  1. Incomplete delivery by the carrier due to an incorrect address
  2. Incomplete delivery by the carrier due to an incorrect order form
  3. Orders placed outside of our serviceable area.

If any of the above conditions are met, Truly Fresh has attempted delivery, and therefore, delivery has been satisfied. We do not claim responsibility for packages arriving more than 7 days of being baked if attempted delivery occurred, and therefore these instances are not covered in our Freshness Guarantee.

Acts of God

We work closely with our carriers to ensure we only service areas that we can deliver packages promptly. However, there are other instances (see numbered list below) where our carrier experiences a delay, causing packages to arrive a day or more after Freshness Guarantee date. These instances (see numbered list below) are exemptions, and therefore, are not covered in Freshness Guarantee.  These instances include but are not limited to


  1. Inclement Weather
  2. Natural Disasters
  3. Acts of terrorism
  4. War
  5. Calamities
  6. Epidemics


Lost/ stolen packages.

Truly Fresh surrenders all responsibility for packages after they are delivered. Upon delivery, packages sometimes get lost, stolen, eaten by wolves, etc. Truly Fresh is not responsible for lost or stolen packages after delivery.”