What Other Dog Food Brands Don't Want You to Know

Here’s a simple exercise.  Try and find the date that your dog's current dry food was made.  You won’t find one. 

You might find a “best if used by” date letting you know that the food in the bag can be served to your dog for another year or two.  But how can food so stale be palatable to your dog?  The answer (that they don't want you to know) lies in the “natural flavoring” line in the ingredient statement.  That natural flavoring is often sprayed on animal digest, and it’s why your “dry” dog food is so greasy.  And it’s probably not something that you’d knowingly want to feed to your dog. Not when you don’t have to.  Click here to read more about animal digest. 

But don’t take our word for it.  Just put some of your dog’s current dry food in a paper bag and wait 24 hours.  It will look like this!


 It doesn’t have to be this way.  That’s why Truly Fresh food for dogs was created.  We slowly bake our food to create a delicious tasting food without sprayed on animal digest or anything else.  We proudly write the “baked on” date on every bag.  Then we deliver if fresh from our ovens directly to your door. 

Now you can try Truly Fresh for less than $5.  Just click Get Started below to give your best friend freshly baked food that’s free from animal digest.

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